Press Release

Great success in the massive die-in made by XR Granada and The Avalon Project

Extinction Rebellion and The Avalon Project organised and participated in the massive ‘die-in’ performed in Granada. This proposal, raised by XR Berlin, was followed in Spain by XR groups in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Zaragoza and Mallorca, in addition to Granada.

The die-in is a way of protest in which people simulate being dead, in this  case to denounce inaction of governments and markets about climate change and massive extinction of species, which can cause thousands of millions of deads and, possibly, humanity extinction.

Sixty-three activists from XR Granada (including Avalon activists), Fridays for Future Granada and the activist platforms from the Alpujarra and Lecrin Valley met in the Mirador de San Nicolás (Saint Nicholas Viewpoint) in order to make this performance. At the agreed time, and at the beginning of the Confutatis/Lacrimosa of the Mozart’s Requiem, 49 activists collapsed suddenly on the ground to the pedestrians and tourists amazement.

Many of the activists carried posters with messages about the serious ecological situation of our planet, such as, “If the permafrost of Siberia is thawed, 97% of life on the planet would disappear within 3 years.”

At the end of the performance, the activists stood up, receiving the applause of the people gathered in the square, and showed their posters to then grouping in front of the Extinction Rebellion’s banner.

The performance was monitored by two police officers, who proceeded to identify two of the activists (among them the coordinator and organiser of the die-in and founder of The Avalon Project, Grian Cutanda), who could face an criminal accusation against the Electoral Law. The Electoral Board of Granada had banned the act because it was the day before the general elections in Spain, although in the performance there was no reference to political parties nor programmes, and the entire act was made in the most absolute silence.

Several media in Granada echoed the protest carried out by members of Extinction Rebellion. The rebellion is growing in Spain and is increasingly attracting the attention of the whole world thanks to the UK protests. Join us and do not stay behind.