Press Release

Funeral procession in Granada for the extinct species

Extinction Rebellion Granada held a performance around the city to draw public attention to the current serious ecological crisis

Eighteen activists from the local Extinction Rebellion node, among who were activists from The Avalon Project, carried out on 5th June a “funeral” for the serious biodiversity loss that is taking place around the world as a result of climate change.

To draw attention on this problem on the World Environment Day -and also to support the non-violent direct action that had just been carried out by XR Spain before the headquarters of the new government’s party in Madrid, the XR Granada activists toured central Granada with a coffin and huge obituaries in which the names of a number of recently extinct or endangered species could be read.

The performance was very well received by the passers-by with whom it crossed, many of whom gave the group of activists messages of recognition and support in their struggle.

The rebel “funeral” received attention from various media in the city, such as El Independiente de Granada, Granada Hoy y Granada Es Noticia.