Press Release

Avalon Activists participate in Rototom Reggae Festival 2019 as Extinction Rebellion Activists

In August 2019, members of the proyect participated as Extintion Rebellion in the Rototom Sunsplash European Reggae Festival

During the festival, Greenpeace and Extinction Rebellion presented the Social Forum 2019 which was jointly organized with the cultural assosiation Exodus. Among the participantes in the forum there was Tatiana Nuño, who is responsible for the climate change campaign of Greenpeace in Spain, and the activist Grian A. Cutanda, who is the formation and difussion of Extinction Rebellion Spain and member of Extinction Rebellion International.

On the 17th, the activist had a few minutes on the Main Stage of the Festival, where they made a call to participate and manifest in the second week of the International rebellion which would take place in october, as well as a general call for union for the planet and the future generations.

Aditionally, the Avalon activist, all members of the Extinction Rebellion Granada group, participated in the setting of a stand in the Festival premises, in which they were later joined by other activists of Extinction Rebellion such as XR Valencia, XR Madrid and XR La Rioja.