Press Release

Launching of the Project NEEDS

An educational project by the European Network of the Earth Charter sponsored by the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme

Last September, the NEEDS Project (Networking of European Education Initiatives Dedicated to Global Sustainability) was launched. This is a cooperation project funded by the European Union through its Erasmus+ programme in which The Avalon Project participates. It aims to collaboratively carry out an educational programme between seven organisations affiliated with the Earth Charter:

The NEEDS Project, which will last two years, aims to build a European network of organisations affiliated with the Earth Charter in which educational knowledge, methods and experiences are exchanged among its different members. It seeks to develop an innovative process not only in the dissemination of the principles and values of the Earth Charter at national, European and international level, but also when teaching disciplines such as Education for Sustainability and Global Learning.

The Avalon Project will participate not only with the bank of educational tools which The Earth Stories Collection represents. We also intend to design and implement a training programme for the global network of storytelling activists –the Earth Story Tellers– which we are developing together with the Scottish International Storytelling Festival. This training programme will be carried out not only in Europe, but also in other countries in the European environment and in Latin America, both in universities and in other educational organisations.

Within the NEEDS Project, three three-day training workshops will be held in Germany, the Netherlands and Portugal, attended by two representatives from each of the seven participating organisations. On the other hand, other transnational coordination, evaluation and monitoring meetings will be held in Romania, Bulgaria and Sweden.

We will inform you in the coming months about all the activities and news that the NEEDS Project brings with it.