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Our work depends on the goodwill of thoughtful people who know the risks involved for our species in these uncertain years. Your donation will allow us to continue in this endeavor.

By donating to the Avalon Project you will become part of our struggle to offer a dignified future to our children and grandchildren, laying the foundations for a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. And this because it is people like you who enable us every day to awaken awareness and encourage critical thinking in societies.

On the other hand, with your help we will continue to build The Earth Stories Collection, preserving the ancestral heritage of humanity for future generations. and transforming the understanding of reality prevailing in our world. In this way, you will support our aim: that our species become aware that we are a single Community of Life on a unique planet, and the different species need each other to survive in this living and intelligent planet which only tries to preserve the life which covers it.

The Avalon Project does not accept donations which could compromise our independence or can put into the hands of interested powers the legacy of traditional stories from The Earth Stories Collection. These materials not only belong to the whole human kind, but also to all the generations of humanity which, since the beginning of time, “invented” and transmitted them from grandparents to granddaughters to this day. But this means we need the support of people like you, aware of the value of the work we do.

These are the reasons why your donation is so decisive. It is a donation which deserves not only our gratitude, but that of hundreds of generations of human beings.

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The Solidarity Will

Throughout my almost 30 years of struggle trying to leave a better world for future generations, there is one thing that has not ceased to astonish me. It is the fact that the men and women who are part of the boards of directors in large corporations which are destroying ecosystems and feeding the beast of climate change do not seem to care about the deeply deteriorated world that they are going to leave their children and grandchildren.
How can there be people like that? How can there be so great thoughtlessness? But, if so, how would they have reached the positions which they hold now? Is their detachment, their lack of love, so deep? Is it all a matter of self-centeredness, of psychic myopia which prevents them from feeling the slightest empathy, even for those who carry their own blood?
Fortunately, there are not many such people in humanity, but there are many people who love and care for their children and grandchildren. That is why we propose the possibility of you making a solidarity will including the Avalon Project in your last wishes. In this way, your commitment to the world which you leave to your descendants will continue alive after your transit. And not only those who carry your blood will benefit from it, but all human beings and the entire Community of Life.
Grian A. Cutanda
Founder of the Avalon Project

Why the Avalon Project?

The Avalon Project assumes the stance of our founder, Grian A. Cutanda, regarding the solidarity will, and encourages you to carry it out in benefit of the Avalon Project for many reasons:

  • Because in this way you can be sure that you will continue struggling for a consciousness shift in humanity.
  • Because you know that we are not going to sell our project to any political or economic power.
  • Because your voice will continue to be heard in this world through us.
  • Because, in case there is no will and there are no heirs, everything you have and its rights will go to the State, and perhaps you will not have so many guarantees of good use there.

If you plan to include us in your will and do not know how to do it, do not hesitate to contact us, without any obligation. We will treat your situation with total confidentiality and, as it could not be otherwise, completely free of charge.

If you have decided to include the Avalon Project in your will, these are the legal data which you must include:

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  • A Sioux medicine man offers a ritual prayer to the buffalo, by Chris Johns, from National Geographic.
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