The Avalon Project


We rely on the goodwill and generosity of people like you to carry out our educational and activist work

Guidelines for Our Fundraising

We are financially nourished by donations and regular fees made by people from all over the world who believe in our work. We also receive subsidies and grants from public or private sources which share our values or work to achieve objectives similar to ours.

This does not mean that we accept grants or donations from any public or private entity without first analysing whether our integrity or independence may be compromised. In fact, at some point we have already rejected donations which threatened our autonomy.

The good will of the people who support us financially obliges us to be very careful with the use we make of our funds, trying to achieve the maximum impact in the transformation of our global society with the minimum resources. On the other hand, we offer annually a full account of our income and expenses.

Finally, we want to point out that, if you make a donation, clearly specifying in which aspect of our work you want this money to be used, we guarantee that we will respect your wish to the very end.

Thank You for Your Help


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  • Header picture: “Alms round”, anonymous, public domain (C0) in Pexels.
  • “Upchurch Hoard 1950, Domitian to Faustina II”, by Andrew McCabe, under license CC BY in Flickr.
  • “Minut de silenci per Siria”, by R. B., under license CC BY in Flickr
  • Dreams… by Ragesh Ev, under license CC BY-NC-SA, in Flickr.
  • “flowerette”, by Porsche Brosseau, under license CC BY, in Flickr