The Avalon Project

local groups & affiliated organisations

There are also local groups of the Avalon Project and organizations affiliated with Avalon whose mission is to translate our objectives into the local, regional or national level

If you want to bring the Avalon Project to your city, town or village, your region or country, you can make a local group or an affiliated organisation with Avalon in your area. In this way, you can:

LOCAL GROUPS are thos groups of volunteers of The Avalon Project that are organised in cities, towns and villages. They are committed to meet the objectives and follow the action lines of Avalon, assuming their connection and subordination to our organisation. It is intended that local groups have autonomy in their operation and in their decision-making, always respecting, however, the objectives and lines of action of the Project, as well as its operating rules.

AFFILIATED ORGANIZATIONS will be those associations or groups that, without having the connection and subordination of a Local Group of Avalon, wish to collaborate with our organization and help in the achievement of one or more of our objectives and lines of action.

Our Idea: A Network of Holons

holon, according to Arthur Koestler, is something that is, at the same time, a whole and a part. A holon is, in short, a system nested within another larger system of which it is an exact reflection in all its parts. These systems can be physical, biological, social, psychological…

Our idea is to function as a network of holons. This network, well coordinated and “well-oiled”, in turn becomes a much larger and complex holon, self-organized and, like any complex system, with emerging properties which allow us a more powerful action in the world.

Undoubtedly, the central office of the Avalon Project is the main hub (although not the only one) of interconnections between holons. But the working in a network of holons would allow these could preserve their existence and functioning, or even self-organize themselves into a bigger holon thanks to its own interconnections, all of this even in the case of the disappearance of Avalon’s central office.

Requirements for the Creation of a Local Group or an Organisation Affiliated with the Avalon Project

  1. To have a minimum of three supporters of the Avalon Project among its members
  2. To sign an agreement with us whereby you commit to follow the objectives and the action lines of the Avalon Project (ALL OF THEM, in the case of local groups, and SOME OF THEM, in the case of affiliated organisations.

If you are considering creating a new Avalon local group or affiliated organisation,
contact us in:

+34 661 81 76 18 or +44 (0)755 366 4030

  • Header picture: “Apiary at Arlington Echo Outdoor Education Center”, by Chesapeake Bay Program, under license CC BY-NC in Flickr.