The Avalon Project

how we organise ourselves

Board, advisors, management team, volunteers, local groups, affiliates, supporters… Learn how we organise ourselves in the Avalon Project.

The Avalon Project is an educational and activist organisation whose headquarters are located in Spain, but we are beginning to open national and regional offices in other parts of the world. These offices act independently, and translate the project’s global strategies into their local context, seeking their own economic support through supporters and donors when carrying out their work.

The coordination of all the offices of the Avalon Project in the world is carried out from the central international office in Spain.

The organisational structure of the Avalon Project consists of:


The Board is made up of 6 people and constitutes the highest decision-making body of the organisation. It exercises the strategic and political direction of the Avalon Project, establishing each year the priorities and objectives of our organisation, and also controlling their compliance. The decisions here are agreed among all its members.


In case of crisis in our organisation or in situations in which crucial decisions have to be taken, the Board should have the opinion of the Advisors. These are people with proven experience and prestige in their field, and they are chosen for their commitment to the objectives of the Avalon Project. Their opinions and suggestions are not binding on the Board.

management team

The Management Team coordinates the daily management of the organisation, and is formed by the Executive Management and 4 area directors. The Executive Direction is selected by the Board, deals with the public representation of the Avalon Project and elects its governing team.


They are the main educational force of the Avalon Project. They are teachers, lecturers, professors and educators in general from different fields who, without necessarily belonging to Avalon, collaborate with us contributing their knowledge in the work of social education and training of activists and storytellers which our organisation carries out.


Since its inception, the volunteers of the Avalon Project have been the shock force in our actions, although also the people who have received the best training in our educational programmes. They have been those who have planted thousands of trees, who have protested and carried out the organising work in our mobilisations and events, and who have ultimately become "educators for peace" in their own villages or neighbourhoods. Volunteers from the Avalon Project are the soul of our organisation.

Groups and Affiliates

Affiliated groups of the Avalon Project are those organisations that share our ideals and objectives and commit to work for them. These are the associations or organisations which, in different countries, help to implement the strategies, educational programmes and global projects of Avalon. These groups sign a formal agreement with the Avalon Project by which they commit themselves to carry out the objectives of our organisation. The central international office of the Project in Spain coordinates the actions of the affiliated organisations and offers guidance and support materials.


The mass of supporters of the Avalon Project are those who provide the economic base for the realisation of our activities, through specific donations or periodic fees. They constitute the basis on which the building of the Project stands, because our work would be doomed to failure without all these people.

In exchange for their invaluable contribution, the Avalon Project sends them regularly the myths, legends or folktales which gradually are added to our global bank of cultural seeds, The Earth Stories Collection. In this way, our supporters can become disseminators of these traditional stories which, as already explained, are capable of transmitting the systemic and ecological worldview we need to overcome the serious civilisational crisis we are facing.

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    • Header picture: “Week 12 – Snow Geese”, by Miss Tessmacher, under license CC BY-NC in Flickr.
    • Volunteers of the Avalon Project during the organisation of Paz Ahora – Peace Now 2010, by Elena Pérez-Martínez.
    •  Meeting of a group of the Avalon Project in the National Park of Sierra de Cazorla, by Marta Ventura.
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