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This section is aimed at journalists and media professionals. Here you will find the latest press releases that we have disseminated in the media, as well as photographs and videos as resources for your news.

Press releases

Press release – #ExtinctionRebellion / #EsXrebellion

The Avalon Project joins Extinction/Rebellion

Grian Cutanda – December 2018

The Avalon Project has joined the international social movement Extinction / Rebellion (XR), which has launched a global campaign of nonviolent pressure on the world’s governments for criminal inaction…

Press release – #Avalon2.0WeAreBack

The Avalon Project is back after five years

Jero Camero – November 2018

After five years in stand-by, The Avalon Project raises from its ashes with a new global dimension. The presentation of this new approach will take place on Wednesday, 28th November, in the Palace of the Counts of Gabia, in Granada, Spain.



People’s Climate March, Edinburgh 2014

Paz Ahora – Peace Now 2011

Interview to Grian Cutanda – Paz Ahora – Peace Now 2010

Paz Ahora – Peace Now 2010 in Cuatro TV

International Peace Prize 2010

International Peace Prize 2009 (I)

International Peace Prize 2009 (II)

International Peace Prize 2008

Mobilisation against the Cordova’s Mosque-Cathedral conflict, February 2007

I Conference of Spiritual Traditions in Andalusia, 2006


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  • Header picture 1: Jan Rose Kasmir interviewed at the Provincial Government of Seville in 2010. Photo by Grian Cutanda.
  • Photos at the Great Mosque-Cathedral of Cordova by Bruno Rascao
  • Photo of the Peace Concert 2009 by Javier Poveda.
  •  Jan Rose Kasmir’s picture after receiving the International Price of Peace 2010 by Lina Ávila.
  • Posters designed and made by Grian Cutanda.