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The Avalon Project participates in the construction of a just, peaceful and sustainable civilisation using social education, activism and … myths, legends and folktales from all over the world.

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Our work is developed within the framework of Deep Activism, and has two aspects:

  • A GLOBAL aspect, with online social education programmes and our participation in two important projects: The Earth Stories Collection and The Global Storytelling Lab.
  • And a LOCAL aspect, bringing social education, activism and storytelling to society through our affiliated organisations and our volunteers.

Discover Our Action Lines

Deep Activism

Our motivation for social and ecological action is based on deep experiences of consciousness, identity and empathy. Inspired by the Deep Ecology of Arne Naess, we propose a transpersonal perspective of activism.

Education for Peace and Sustainability

We offer social education on issues related to peace, social and economic justice, and sustainability. For this we have experts with teaching experience in these fields.


We have participated in the organisation of global mobilisations such as the Occupy Movement or the People's Climate March. On the other hand, we also organise our own local campaigns. Discover what we have in hand now.

Activism Through Myths, Legends and Folktales

The Earth Stories Collection

We are creating a global bank of myths, legends and folktales which can be used as educational tools to transmit a systemic and ecological worldview.

Storytelling Activism

Toghether with the Earth Charter Secretariat and the Scottish Storytelling Centre, we are building a global network of storytelling activists. They will transmit The Earth Stories Collection around the world.

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    • Header picture: “Sparrow on barbed wire”, by See-ming Lee, under license CC BY in Flick.
    • Picture from the People’s Climate March of Edinburgh, by Ming Wei Low, who gave us permission to use it.
    • Grian Cutanda in the Isle of Iona, by Marta Ventura, under license CC BY-NC-SA.
    • Paz Ahora-Peace Now 2012 in Seville, by Marta Ventura, under license CC BY-NC-SA.
    • Picture from the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2013, courtesy of the Scottish Storytelling Centre.
    • “Manifestation anti G8 au Havre”, by Guillaume Paumier, under license CC BY, in Wikipedia.
    • Dreams… by Ragesh Ev, under license CC BY-NC-SA, in Flickr.
    • “flowerette”, by Porsche Brosseau, under license CC BY, in Flickr.
    • “My social network”, by Luc Legay, under license CC BY-SA, in Flickr.