The Avalon Project

who we are

Avalon Project exists to make every human being a social transformer, in a historical time in which EVERY ACTION, however small, is as necessary as it is urgent.

We are a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens seeking to bring about a deep change in our global civilisation. Such a change would necessarily involve a shift in perception that would lead to a systemic, socially just and ecologically sustainable worldview.

Our vision

Seeing the collision course which our “Titanic” civilisation leads, and in view of the worrying inaction of the political and economic powers before this fact,

  • We feel that ALL THOUGHTFUL HUMAN BEING, whatever their origin, training or background, should be involved in social change; that is, he/she should become a social and environmental activist.

  • We feel that every human being can transform society by acting in their own local environment, using their own skills and abilities, through those activities that they are passionate about.

  • We know that we will only become a sustainable civilisation if we change our worldview and move from an anthropocentric understanding of reality to an ecocentric view.

  • We believe that, in this effort to change the perception of reality, the telling of stories can play a decisive role.

And all this because we believe that future generations —not only human, but of the whole Community of Life on Earth— have the RIGHT to receive a better world than the one our ancestors left us.

Our history

The Avalon Project began to be forged in Requena, Spain, although it would end up being born in Cordova, the old Caliphate capital, between 2003 and 2004. It undertook the flight along with the protests against the Iraq War and, from the beginning, focused on social education in peace, social justice and sustainability, alternating their workshops, courses, seminars and conferences with actions for social and environmental justice in different parts of Spain.

          After a time in stand-by between 2013 and 2018, the Avalon Project has resumed its educational and activist tasks, this time on a global scale, in collaboration with other international entities.

Our Work

Our work consists of developing critical thinking in civil society, as well as a collective systemic and ecocentric worldview. We also train people to TAKE ACTION for social and ecological justice. Finally, and seeking to instill a new and necessary worldview in societies, we have been involved in the development of two global projects, together with the Earth Charter Initiative and the Scottish Storytelling Centre:

  1. The Earth Stories Collection.- The creation of a global bank of traditional stories capable of transmit a systemic and ecological worldview. This would be a idoneous educational base for a new civilisation in the case of a global crisis.
  2. The Global Storytelling Lab.- The development of a global network of storytelling activists who spread these stories all around the world.

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  • Header picture: “Glastonbury Tor6”, by Jonnie Swarbrick, public domain (C0).
  • Pacifist in demonstration against War of Iraq, Berlin 21st March 2003, by Kurt Vinion, in AFP-Getty Images.
  • “Molí de la Llavina”, by Grian A. Cutanda, under license CC BY-NC-SA.
  •  Mireia, in the Muntanyeta del Sants, by Grian A. Cutanda, under license CC BY-NC-SA.
  • “Manifestation anti G8 au Havre”, by Guillaume Paumier, under license CC BY, in Wikipedia.
  • Dreams… by Ragesh Ev, under license CC BY-NC-SA, in Flickr.
  • “flowerette”, by Porsche Brosseau, under license CC BY, in Flickr.